Finishing powder to set your look

January 11, 2011

Makeup professionals and artists for photoshoots, film and TV use finishing powder as one of their staple makeup kit items. They’ll rarely attend a shoot without a fixing powder for one very good reason- it works!

The bright lights of a photoshoot, and long days on set really test the strength and staying power of a makeup brand. Finishing powder is often known as setting powder in the beauty industry as it is used as the final layer of powder. Often translucent or semi-translucent in colour it leaves the skin with a subtle gleam whilst helping keep the makeup base, bronzers and blushers in place.

flawless-matte-finishing-powder For years now, we’ve been demanding our makeup performs to a professional standard. We want products to be formulated so that we can rely on them all day long, and we want them to have strong, quality and natural colour pigments.

Many people don’t realise that finishing powder is the power tool of the makeup artist. Finish with a subtle shimmering powder with a silk effect for added staying power and added natural glow. Or, use a matte finish powder to keep shine under control throughout the day. (A loose powder compact includes a flocked sponge for additional touch ups throughout the day if you have oily skin).

Ever spotted makeup artists sweeping makeup brushes over the model’s face on videos and photos of photoshoots? – It’s more than likely that they’re removing excess shine caused by the heat of studio lights with a translucent matte powder.

For a subtle glow to your skin select a Lily Lolo finishing powder in a silk effect to set your makeup in place. We have the semi-translucent shade Flawless Silk which is one of our all time best sellers and even won the Green Beauty Bible award for performance, and Translucent Silk which appears white in the pot (applies completely translucent), for only £12.49.

To control excess oil on your skin, shine or to simply ensure your skin has an ultra matte finish choose Flawless Matte powder (also £12.49). The Super Powder brush is the perfect brush applicator for your finishing powder, you’ll find it here.

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