How to clean makeup brushes

December 17, 2009

makeup brushesIt’s important to keep makeup brushes clean – brushes are a harbour for bacteria so should ideally be washed once a week. Oil from your face can build up on makeup brushes leaving them greasy – not great for avoiding blemishes!

It’s best to use a mild shampoo, (baby shampoo is great) or an antibacterial washing up liquid will work fine. Remember to try not to immerse the full makeup brush into the water – this can affect the glue bond that holds the bristles together.

Hold the brush upside down, and with bristles pointing downwards run warm water over the brush from above. Use the shampoo on the bristles, gently working it into a lather. Work the shampoo from the base of the bristles outwards. Then rinse the water away holding the brush in the same position. The water will run cloudy from the old makeup, so continue the process until the water runs clear.

Always leave your makeup brushes to dry naturally, preferably laying them on their side to prevent any water running into the handle, as this will loosen the bond.

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