How to get maximum wear from mineral makeup

July 26, 2010

flawless-matte-finishing-powder You only need to read the comments on our Facebook page for report after report about how durable our mineral foundation and mineral bases are.

Ensuring maximum wear is easy – it’s all in the application technique.

Always ensure your skin is well prepped, and well moisturised – but ensure your moisturiser is well absorbed before applying foundation. If you have excess moisturiser left over there’s a chance that foundation will look uneven or streaky.

If you have oily skin, it’s important to soak up any excess moisture which can cause makeup to slide. Flawless Matte is the perfect product for this, containing the oil absorbing mineral kaolin. Pay particular attention to oily areas such as the t-zone, dusting powder over the middle of the forehead and over the bridge of the nose and onto the shin. Buffing Flawless Matte into pores around the nose can really help refine their appearance.

Once skin is soft and dry to the touch buff mineral foundation into the skin in light layers, building coverage gradually, this technique allows each layer to settle giving stronger staying power.

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