Summer makeup: the wonders of Flawless Matte finishing powder

June 2, 2010

Flawless-Matte finishing powder In typical British summertime style, the warmer weather seems to come and go more often than the tide. Right now the sun’s out, it’s red hot and we’re all loving it (until of course it comes to trying to sleep, and then it’s a different story!), yet tomorrow it’ll probably be raining. Ah don’t we just love the British weather!

 So whilst it’s hot what should we do about makeup? It’s a nightmare watching foundation slowly slide down our face after every application. A great base is the best start to a long summer day. Cleanse, tone and moisturise (as usual let all the moisture soak into your skin before you start applying) and before you reach for the foundation apply a layer of Flawless Matte powder.

Flawless Matte contains kaolin, a soft, earthy clay mineral which has oil absorbing properties, making it perfect for creating a matte base with maximum staying power. Named after a hill in China where the mineral was very first mined, kaolin is naturally found as a white powdery rock and only has to go through minimal processes to be used in natural mineral cosmetics.

Flawless Matte also makes a great base for eyeshadow, the powder works in the same way as a primer would – creating a non oily base for the loose pigment – it gives eyeshadow extra staying power, prevents creasing and enables more vibrant colour. Try it for yourself by buying a sample!

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  1. Marie Says:

    I use it after I put on my sunblock to avoid that greasy look. It takes away the shine instantly!

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