Hide and Chic! Pressed Correctors are here

March 15th, 2018

 You asked for them, and now they’re finally here! Introducing our incredible Pressed Correctors, created to work wonders on those skin issues we can all experience but would rather not show.

Available in two undetectable shades for targeted complexion correction, they’re a fantastic, skin-transforming extra step for clients who suffer from redness or permanent under-eye circles. And, most important of all, the formulation is gentle and lightweight, won’t clog pores or irritate delicate skin. Plus, of course, they work beautifully under our Mineral Foundation.

So which colour should you use?

Green-hued Pistachio neutralises redness, from rosacea to blemishes and acne while letting the skin breathe and heal. Apply before foundation, gently buffing onto the skin with a Baby Buki for larger areas, or a Concealer Brush for smaller areas. The yellow pigment in Lemon Drop makes eyes pop, concealing dark circles for a fresher, brighter look. To apply, gently buff into the under eye area with a Concealer Brush before applying foundation. try not to drag the delicate skin around the eye, soft circular motions work best. Both shades are infused with skin-loving ingredients too. Jojoba seed oil has antibacterial benefits, making it ideal for oilier skin types, plus zinc calms irritated skin. Sunflower seed oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, helping protect and smooth for a healthier-looking complexion every day.

Which one will you be grabbing first?


Lily Lolo x

Sugar, spice and all things nice

October 20th, 2017

We feel like we have been waiting a long time to share this years Christmas collections. Each year we spend months deciding on a theme and new products and we wanted this year to be delicate, rich and ever so tempting.  Now the festive season has finally arrived at Lily Lolo, we can finally share the  feast of beauty indulgences and the sweetest of treats. Take your pick from new Eye Palettes and cocktail inspired lip glosses, tempting limited editions and decadent gifts, all wrapped up in divine sugared-pink and gold. Now we’re all about the gift of giving but we are also thinking that we deserve a little treat ourselves … now which one to pick?




With a collection this tempting we think even the hardest-to-buy for beauty loves will be spoilt for choice

Merry Christmas

Lily Lolo x


New! Pure Indulgence eye palette

September 12th, 2017


We were just as sad as you at the thought of summer ending…but then the excitement of rich autumn makeup kicked in! We are thrilled to finally share our brand new eye palette- Pure indulgence. Just one peek of our new vegan friendly Pure Indulgence Eye Palette and you’ll want to devour every last shade. From soft and silky vanilla to rich chocolate and caramel, with this unashamedly indulgent collection of autumn-perfect hues and looks, you can have it all.

Shades from left to right: Vanilla, Caramel, Bonbon, Spice, Ganache, Red Velvet, Clove, Bitter Chocolate. 

What look will you create? a deliciously rich smokey eye or a subtle frosting of Vanilla and Spice? Either way you will be the envy of everyone still clinging onto summer.


Lily Lolo x


Rosé anyone?

June 13th, 2017

Hot on the heels of our hit Champagne and Bronze Illuminators, we’re adding a gorgeous new shade to the line-up! Introducing Rosé Illuminator, created to give makeup a fresh and dewy, soft-pink finish. Enriched with argan and pomegranate oil, the long-lasting, sheer formulation instantly lends skin a gorgeous, natural luminosity and looks great on every complexion. It’s vegan friendly, free from fragrance and talc, and you’ll love the sleek, handy compact for on-the-go touch-ups, too.

Love Lily Lolo x



April 4th, 2017

We are unbelievably excited to share with you something we have been working on for a long time- our first skincare range ! After months of mixing and testing (we have no objections to being guinea pigs) we have finally created two skincare products to be proud of. We wanted our first two products to be suitable for all skin types, so that everyone could use it. As always, the hydrate day and night cream are made from natural ingredients,


Hydrate Day Cream

Start the day afresh with our nourishing and protective Hydrate Day Cream. Infused with high-quality organic ingredients, antioxidant vitamin E and rose geranium, plus sea-plant stem cells for increased radiance and tone, it’s the perfect pre-makeup step.


Hydrate Night Cream

Pamper the skin while you sleep with our luxurious Hydrate Night Cream. Bursting with high-quality organic ingredients to help skin repair overnight, this restorative evening ritual delivers optimal, soothing hydration. Nourishing argan oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera combine with detoxifying and relaxing rose geranium and lavender oils, while sea plant stem cells support cell production and skin renewal for increased radiance and tone.

Hydrate Night Cream


What’s your TYPE?

In the 11 years we’ve been creating the finest mineral makeup, we’ve come to know that, when it comes to skin, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. That’s why were already working on our next collection of skincare, specifically tailored for dry, oily and combination skin types.

We hope you love our skincare products just as much as we do, make sure to let us know if you try it!

Love Lily Lolo x


Back to nature – beauty in perfect balance

January 9th, 2017

Get set for a  fresh start

This year we’re inviting women everywhere to discover a different kind of detox… and it all starts with your skin. At Lily Lolo we believe that a beautiful complexion is as much about what you put on your skin as what goes inside, which is why our collection of pure mineral makeup empowers your skin to be the very best it can be, naturally.

The beauty of pure minerals 

Our products are made using only ingredients that are proven to nourish and protect the skin. And what you’ll never, ever find in Lily Lolo makeup? Harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, synthetic perfumes, dyes and anything that isn’t kind to you and your skin. Plus, with an amazing 18 foundation shades to choose from, finding your perfect match couldn’t be simpler.


The ultimate skin-loving makeup, our Mineral Foundation feels beautifully weightless while providing buildable, customisable coverage. Made using only natural ingredients, it minimises breakouts and blemishes for a healthy-looking complexion and creates a natural, breathable barrier to protect skin from the sun’s damaging rays.


Our secret weapon for minimising, not aggravating, blemishes. Just a little of this delicate loose powder is all it takes to effortlessly conceal imperfections and dark circles – and it’s incredibly long-lasting, too.


The perfect final touch for makeup, this silky, light-diffusing powder sets foundation and concealer in place, provides extra staying power and instantly blurs the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.


We sell sample sizes for our foundation and finishing powder so you can make sure you get the right match. If you feel you’re unsure on a shade, just pop us an email or give us a call and we will help find your perfect shade!

Love Lily Lolo x

NEW! Pedal to the Metal Eye Palette

October 14th, 2016


What is this we see? another new eye palette? That’s right, we are being extra good to you lately and have launched another new eye palette- all in the space of a few weeks! Our hot new Eye Palette, Pedal to the metal, takes it up a gear with 8 highly pigmented, metallic shadows for creating intensely shimmering eye looks.pedal_blog_2

This new palette is guranteed to add some serious va va voom to your look this season, and here is how-

  1. Use with the eye shadow brush to apply your base shade all over the eyelid and up to the brow bone if using a light or nude shade
  2. Using the socket line brush apply a darker shade to the crease of your eyelid and blend in to create depth
  3. Use the eye blending brush to soften lines between shades and blend to create a seamless finish
  4. Create a smudgy eye line with one of the darkest palette shades using our dual end eyeliner and smudge brush

Have you tried any of our new palettes yet? or are you already starting to think about your christmas wish list ;)…


Lily Lolo x

Lily Lolo Stockist Spotlight

September 12th, 2016

cest_bio_3Last month Lily Lolo turned 11 years old, but our journey this far wouldn’t have been possible without all of our lovely stockists, and we thought its about time to turn the spotlight onto them. This week we have asked some questions to Celia and Estefania from BioC’est in Marbella to get to know them a bit better!


Hi there! We are 2 good friends from uni that wanted to do something different and we believed we could make a great team together! 50% of the company is made of Estefanía, Pharmacist, from Marbella, dog lover,  Chihuahua owner, passionate and the impulsive part of the team.The other 50% is made of Celia, Pharmacist as well, from Madrid, more of a human than pets lover, optimistic and the patience side of the two of us! We opened our shop just over a year ago with the excitment of bringing both a combination of nature and style to any natural beauty lover out there, and the new ones that we’ve made along the way!As you can have guessed from this little introduction about us, the name comes from Bio-Ce (Celia)-est (Estefanía) so all together and with a little bit of imagination make BioC’est, which sounds good in any language!


When we started picturing the store in our heads we imagined this white, clean, stylish and minimalist beauty concept store in which clients could come in and take their time to try our products and fall in love with aromas and textures and just to have been able to make it possible is like a dream come true!


The best part of this job is that every day is just different! We love every part of it! From finding and solving the needs of our clients, to searching for new brands…We think that when you put your heart and you not only like but love what you do everyday becomes a new adventure!


We truly believe that each of us have our own different beauty, so our favourite look would be that one in which you feel confident and happy with, we try to create very natural looks, enhancing the natural beauty of every woman and running away from this artificial stereotyped over-make up ones that in our opinion only hides who we are…but of course that’s only our opinion! One of the reasons we like Lily Lolo so much is that it allows us to do it very easily!cest_bio_1


Mmm that’s a tricky question! It’s very hard just to pick one! So we are going to pick one each! Estefanía “I really love the concept of the brand, but if I have to choose one, the best for me is my “always-together” black eye pencil, an intense and soft basic, just love it! Celia “I have a complete set of Lily Lolo’s products but my favourites are the mineral foundations. They are so easy to apply and they blend perfectly in the skin with my “SUPER KABUKI” and the fact that they have SPF15 is my favourite part, you always get sunny days in Spain!


The best part is watching our BioC’est community growing everyday and seeing the clients happy when we assist them in the process of finding the best personalised beauty routine and looks for them!


Oh yes! Who doesn’t?! Haha We were actually going to send you a picture so you could have some entertainment but at the click moment it was way too embarrassing!

 Thank you Celia and Estefania, we love the minimal style of  BioC’est, and we are very proud to be stocked in such a beautiful store. We’ll be featuring more of our fabulous stockists in the coming months.

Love Lily Lolo x


Enduring beauty…10 years of Lily Lolo

August 13th, 2015



A decade ago, we started our journey to creating the high-performance, all-natural mineral makeup we dreamed of but couldn’t find, and today we’re as passionate as ever about making the world of beauty an even more beautiful place.

Our founder Vikki Khan, was so impressed by mineral makeup from the US, that in 2005 she began experimenting with her own creations.

Vikki then started selling the range online, packing and posting orders around their day jobs. On the first day’s trading in 2005, they took three orders. Today Lily Lolo is sold in 39 countries.

“I began Lily Lolo to bring amazing mineral makeup to women everywhere,” says founder, Vikki Khan. “In our tenth year, we’re still changing the face of beauty with natural products that do what they promise and help you look and feel gorgeous!”

As a busy Mum of two, Vikki is still an integral part of all the areas of the business and particularly enjoys developing new products for our loyal customers.

All the staff at Lily Lolo would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Join us in celebrating by mentioning #ENDURINGBEAUTY #10YEARSOFLILYLOLO on social media.

Here’s to another 10 years, and lots of new exciting products to be launched very soon!

Lily Lolo x

We’ve done it again!

March 9th, 2015



It’s time to open the bubbly; we’ve won some more awards, yippee!!

Tried and tested by an exclusive judging panel, Lily Lolo’s products have once again been victorious in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015.

We are thrilled to announce that our Natural Mascara has won its category. This is the second award that our new formula has collected and in recent weeks natural beauty bloggers have been singing its praises across social media sites all over the world.

So why has it been so popular? Our Mascara will define, volumise and lengthen but is fragrance, silicon, alcohol free and proves that natural brands can hold their own against other mainstream mascara brands.

The full makeup range, Pressed Eye Shadow and Natural Lipstick were all awarded ‘highly commended’ which is amazing and we are very proud.

We love winning awards and it’s a great excuse for a celebration.

Lily Lolo x

Bold or Natural, what’s your favourite shade?

March 2nd, 2015

lip image

Sometimes you will need to push yourself to change your go-to lipstick for a brighter alternative, but as long as it’s a complimenting hue for your skin tone, the results will be amazing.

Pale skin – A warmer red shade like French Flirt

Olive Skin – A deep red, Desire would be a flattering shade

Dark skin – Dark plum shades like Berry Crush

The colour of your lipstick can define the rest of your makeup for the day, so always have an idea which one you are going to wear before starting your makeup routine.

If you stick to the rules of heavy eye makeup with nude lips to balance it out, and toned down eyes with a bright bold lipstick, you can’t go wrong.

Lily Lolo’s Lipsticks have a creamy texture that delivers a burst of radiant colour. With added Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract to protect your pout, these Natural Lipsticks come in 10 stunning shades

Do you dare to be bold?

Lily Lolo x

Wow, we have LOVED 2014.

January 2nd, 2015


We started out 2014 a little apprehensive of the big announcement we were about to make, a total re-brand of the Lily Lolo you have loved and supported for a long time. Well, we just want to say a massive THANK YOU, because we couldn’t be happier with the reaction we received from all our loyal fans and stockists around the world.

Not only are we overwhelmed with all the praise, we have also earned recognition with several trade, reader voted and industry awards, many of which were for new products that only launched in 2014.

Our product development team spent a lot of time on new, improved formulas of our Eye Pencil and Mascara and these were amongst the big award winners.

We also launched our first liquid product, a Natural BB Cream, which went down a storm and is still continues to be one of our best selling products.

More pressed products were added to our range in 2014, twenty Pressed Eye Shadow singles, six Pressed Blush compacts and two stunning Limited Edition Eye Palettes for Christmas.

We went on the road towards the end of the year, traveling to trade shows in Dublin and Manchester. We enjoyed meeting some of our current stockist and also introducing Lily Lolo to some new stockists that loved it so much, they are now selling it in their own salons.

You can see that we have had a very successful and busy 2014, we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Thank you all for your continued support, we would like to wish you a very happy new year, and a beautiful 2015.

Lily Lolo x

Limited Edition Eye Palettes.

September 16th, 2014

LL-BlogPost-Retina-Enchanted 2

Have you ever dreamed about having all your favourite Lily Lolo Eye Shadows all in one place?

Well don’t dream anymore……it’s here.

Lily Lolo are introducing two beautiful Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palettes, consisting of both matte and shimmer shades in light for highlighting and dark shades for emphasising and adding depth.

Created using the perfect balance of natural ingredients, the beautifully soft and highly pigmented Eye Shadow Palettes will both contain eight individual shades.

Enchanted – Eight stunning shades for a modern twist on a classic smoky eye.

Laid Bare – Perfect for creating a natural daytime look with darker shades for added drama.

Eye Palette and Box - enchnated

Get the look – Enchanted Palette

We’ve created this statement eye look which adds an interesting pop of colour to your usual smoky eye.

Starting with an ivory base of Wishbone apply all over the lid and continue with this shade up to your brow bone.

Sweep the rich damson of Deadly Nightshade over your eyelid, softening the shade as you get towards the inner corners of your eye, and extend under the lower lash line.

Add Thunderstorm (petrol blue) for depth and drama to the outer crease of your eye and follow this around the socket line, blending and smudging as you go.

To make eyes pop, highlight your inner corners with Moonbeam, a shimmering nude peach.

Finish your look with two coats of our Natural Mascara for your Enchanted smoky eye.


Its time to start achieving a host of new neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between.

Lily Lolo x

HOLY BROW! Beautifully defined eyebrows…

June 11th, 2014

Following on from the successful launch of our Pressed Eye Shadow, available in the same sleek mirrored compacts we have launched our Eyebrow Duo which comes in three natural shades.

Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo

Enhancing your eyebrows can completely change the look of your makeup as they define your face and can give a polished effect, the key is to only enhance and define your natural brow so they look like your brows but better!

Featuring a natural coloured wax and a pressed powder in, Light, Medium and Dark, find the shade which is closest your natural eyebrow colour or go a shade darker if you want a stronger more defined look.

Makeup artist to the stars, Jane Bradley, worked with our Eyebrow Duo on our latest shoot and was really impressed with the colours, she said “It’s often hard to find brow shades which match seamlessly with your natural brow colour but clearly great care has been taken to get these Eyebrow Duo’s just right. LIGHT is perfectly ashy for pale blondes, MEDIUM is a mid brown for mousy blondes or brunettes and DARK is spot on for blacker hair without a hint of an orangey undertone. I’m really impressed and the wax is a great way to keep the hairs in place too”

Our Angled Brow – Spoolie brush is the perfect tool to use with our Eyebrow Duo, making application quick and easy. Our Eyebrow Duo allows you to get perfectly groomed brows in just two easy steps;
Step 1
Using the Angled Brow end of the brush apply the pressed powder in short strokes to the natural shape of the brow, following the direction of hair growth. Make sure to fill in any gaps for a polished result.

Step 2
Using the Spoolie end of the brush, comb through the brows to groom and tidy before applying the wax. Using the Angled Brow end of the brush, coat the bristles in a thin layer of wax and follow the same application for the powder. The wax will set the brows and help to hold them in place all day.

TIP: To get a more intense colour payoff, mix the wax and powder together

Our Eyebrow Duo is the natural way to beautifully define your eyebrows for an immaculate finish, have you tried it yet?

Lily Lolo x

Naturally Eye Catching…new Pressed Eye Shadow

February 28th, 2014

You have seen them before at Lily Lolo but following the rebrand they are back as single mirrored compacts and are now available in 20 naturally gorgeous shades!

And that’s not all; these Pressed Eye Shadows are rich in moisturising jojoba oil which is kind to your skin and contain Sea Holly extract which is known for its anti-ageing properties. Silky smooth and highly pigmented these Pressed Eye Shadows are perfect for creating a natural daytime look through to a glamorous eye for any occasion.



To recreate our model’s gorgeous look, follow the steps below;

Step 1 – Start by using our Eye Shadow Brush to apply Ivory Tower all over the lid and brow bone to neutralise any redness and create the perfect base.

Step 2 – With our Eye Shadow Brush apply Silver Lining across the lid and in the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 3 – Using the Socket Line Brush apply Double Denim in the socket line and along the lower lash line to frame the eyes.

Step 4 – Finally with our Eye Blending Brush apply more Double Denim in the outer corners of the lid blending inwards to create a smoky yet dramatic effect.

Expert Tip; Apply our Natural Eye Pencil in Black on the upper and lower waterlines for a truly smouldering look.

With 20 shades to choose from we know it can be difficult to choose your favourite colours so we have made a few suggestions for a range of gorgeous eye effects;

Pale Neutrals – Starry Eyed and Peekaboo, these light neutral shades suit most skin tones and act as great base shades.

Office Uniform – Take the biscuit and I should Cocoa – These shades are perfect to create a natural brown eye look, great for day to night make-up.

Evening Glamour – Voodoo and Rolling Stone – For a full on dark glamorous eye effect blend these colours over the entire lid for a sultry smoky eye effect.

Colour Pop – Eye Candy and Drama Queen – a great alternative to smoky eyes, these shades blend easily to create a soft pop of colour perfect for spring.

Expert Tip: For added intensity and sparkle add one of our loose Mineral Eye Shadow shades such as Angelic to highlight under the brows or the inner corners of eyes. Try using one of our darker loose shades such as Moonlight as a liner with our wet Eye Liner Brush on the top lash line for extra polish.

What eye makeup looks will you be creating with our new Pressed Eye Shadows? We would love to know your favourite shades!

Lily Lolo x

Discover Our New Look

January 27th, 2014

We are really excited to finally announce the launch of the brand new Lily Lolo.

Over the past 6 months the Lily Lolo team and London agency R-design, have been meeting, discussing, designing and refining to come up with the perfect new look for Lily Lolo.

We’ve always been proud of our expertly formulated mineral makeup, but we wanted the look of the brand to mirror the high quality of our products.

So after far too many travelling hours, endless cups of coffee and what feels like hundreds of meetings, we would like to present  our fabulous new look…

Lily Lolo Rebrand

Our products will still be made using the natural ingredients we’re famous for, but the packaging has had a face lift. All our makeup products will now come in beautiful new black and white boxes that will help add a more premium feel but of course without the premium price tag.

We really hope that you’ll love the new look as much as we do. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it and also to share with you what else we have coming up in 2014.

Lily Lolo x

Say Hello to Pressed by Lily Lolo – S/S 13 Collection

April 21st, 2013


Our brand new range of pressed mineral products launches with four eye shadow duos. Most of you have been eagerly waiting for a pressed range to be added to our award winning loose powder products.

Well, the wait is finally over!

Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo

The centerpiece of the collection, the new duo’s effortlessly combine two gorgeous shades in long lasting complimentary colours. Use to create an easy everyday look or to add drama to the eyes by creating a more striking effect.

Natural Lipstick

Natural creamy lipsticks for beautiful and nourished lips. Now in Parisian Pink, a dusky rose shimmer and Rose Gold, a natural golden beige shimmer.

Natural Mascara

Creamy Lash Alert natural mascara is easy to apply and will volumise and lengthen lashes to produce a dramatic effect. Now in Brown

What’s your favourite?



Lily Lolo goes to print!

March 19th, 2013

We have been exceptionally busy in preparation for the launch of our new spring summer collection which will be available next month. Following on from the success of our Prime Focus Eyelid Primer which has been extremely popular, we will be introducing a brand new range of pressed mineral eye shadow products! This is an exciting extension to our popular range of loose mineral eye shadows. Some of our product development team took a trip down to the printers based in Halifax in the UK to check on the progress of the packaging.

While they were there, they got to have a tour around the factory to see what processes are involved in creating our very special boxes! There were lots of hi-tech machines for printing, cutting, folding and gluing. They were amazed at how much attention to detail is paid at every part of the production process to make sure the end result is flawless!

Our box supplier have lots of major clients in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and you can only imagine how many boxes get printed each day (something like 10,000 an hour apparently!) and as a result how much waste is produced; therefore it was good to hear that all the waste is 100% recycled.  Here at Lily Lolo we want to make sure that every part of our supply chain supports our ethical stance. We are also proud to be supporting a UK business at a time when many companies are going overseas for lower costs regardless of the ethical implications.

Ahead of the launch we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what the packaging will look like for the new pressed eye shadow, hot off the printer… and available to buy soon!

Happy Mother’s Day from Lily Lolo!

March 10th, 2013

We hope you are all having a lovely time and all the mums out there are being treated and pampered on this special day.

We have been speaking to some of our regular customers this week to find out how they will celebrate this Mother’s day, whether you are sitting down to a home cooked roast or the family is having a meal at a fancy restaurant, everyone always wants to look their best!

Instead of the usual box of chocolates or bunch of flowers a lot of us have opted to treat our mums with some mineral make up!  For a special gift our collections always go down a treat! However, a lot of you have decided to buy your mums some of your favourite Lily Lolo products that you use yourselves as people are always commenting how refreshed and healthy your skin looks. The natural mineral foundation and the mineral blush have been popular choices.

Mums, for an easy way to create a glamorous day look with your new Lily Lolo products have a look at the video below and don’t forget to start with Prime Focus Eyelid Primer to make sure your mineral eye shadow lasts day to night!

Whatever gifts you have bought or received, we hope you have a wonderful day. Special Mum’s deserve celebrating and need spoiling.

Lily Lolo x


How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Winter

November 15th, 2012

Look after your skinOur skin can be left feeling taut and uncomfortable in the colder months, so now’s the perfect time to reassess your skin care regime and switch to a moisturising cream designed to protect against the harsh elements, rehydrate your skin and create the perfect base for your Lily Lolo mineral foundation.

Colder temperatures and central heating can play havoc with your skin, leaving it feeling drier and dehydrated, even oily and acne prone skins become dehydrated if the correct balance of moisture isn’t maintained so just be sure to use one that’s non-comedongenic to help prevent flare ups. Don’t forget; our Flawless Matte finishing powder contains Kaolin to help keep oily skin under control throughout the day if your skin still needs it in the colder weather.

Choose a good quality moisturiser that’s packed with nutrients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Glycerine to help keep your skin plump and fresh looking. Rosehip seed oil is renowned for its hydrating effects on the skin as it’s packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins. It’s important not to neglect the lips at this time of year as the skin here is extremely delicate, so keep your pout protected with our lip gloss which contains jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

If you suffer from dermatitis or eczema it’s a good idea to also seek the advice of a dermatologist who will be able to offer you specific treatments needed for your winter skin.

Finally, don’t forget a weekly nourishing face mask for the ultimate at home pampering session. Making your own avocado mask is a quick fix for drier skins as it’s full of vitamins and antioxidants to help fight the dryness. Simply mash up the avocado and mix with a little olive oil, leave on the face avoiding the eye area for 20 minutes before washing off and applying a generous layer of moisturiser.

Now it’s time for some well-deserved beauty sleep…

Mascara – a makeup must have!

August 6th, 2012

Most of us refuse to leave the house without mascara because it makes our eyes appear bigger and more defined. Nothing else can frame your eyes and make them come alive in the same way. It’s every woman’s essential finishing touch to her eye makeup.

When choosing your mascara you should consider the formula you want. With natural ingredients being at the forefront of our minds, our new creamy Lash Alert natural mascara gives performance without compromising its natural ingredients – making it ideal for even the most sensitive eyes.

Lash Alert natural mascara will help volumise and lengthen lashes with its Glycerin based formula, ensuring that your lashes stay supple, conditioned and gorgeously groomed!

Tips for applying your mascara

Wipe excess mascara off the wand onto a clean tissue to avoid mascara overload.

Looking down into a mirror (preferably magnified), start at the base of the lashes using light zigzag strokes working up to the tips of the lashes. The zigzag technique helps to prevent lashes sticking together and gives them a more ‘feathery’ appearance.

Now gently apply to the bottom lashes.

Allow to dry before applying a 2nd coat using the same technique as above.

For added drama apply a 3rd coat. This gives a glamorous intensity to the eyes – perfect for a night out or special occasion.

Top tip: Avoid applying mascara to the top of your upper lashes as this forces them to fall flat and straight. Instead, apply underneath to create a beautiful ‘doll eyes’ look.


Natural lipstick

July 16th, 2012

Lipstick is the word on everyone’s lips here at Lily Lolo. And there’s little wonder, when we’ve just said hello to our first ever natural lipstick launch.

We’ve seen a huge increase in lip products over the years, but there’s something about the sumptuous texture of a natural lipstick that keeps us all coming back for more.

Every occasion was taken into consideration when developing our natural creamy lipstick shades, and without compromising on quality. They’re nourishing and protecting with Vitamin E and organic jojoba oil to ensure that your lips are kept soft and kissable.

But remember…prepped lips are the key to achieving the smoothest application! We recommend using a gentle lip exfoliator first and to moisturise the lips afterwards. This should stop the lipstick from sticking to any dry or flaky bits, which is never a good look when you want to look your best. Finally, to help avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, gently blot your lips with a tissue and you’re good to go!

With 6 new delicious shades to choose from, we think you’ll agree that they’re certainly something to be pouting about.

French Flirt – a rich, juicy, mid-toned red – makes a lovely pop of colour!

Demure – understated and coy, perfect for adding subtle definition to the lips.

Romantic Rose – you’ll look super cool wearing this bold pink beauty!

Intense Crush – pack a punch with this on trend peachy coral shade.

Desire – our deepest, most intense shade of red – only for those who dare!

Love Affair – a dusky pink that mimics the natural colour of lips – you’ll be sure to fall in love again!


Creating the perfect London Olympics 2012 commemorative product

May 4th, 2012

As a Product Development Co-ordinator and Customer Service Advisor, I spend a lot of my time liaising with customers and suppliers to ensure we’re giving the service you need and providing the products you want. Many of our customers ask for more products, gift sets and the chance to re-visit popular shades from the past, and we try to provide these whenever we can.

We’re very proud that the UK is hosting the Olympics this year and we want to celebrate this with both our national and international customers. 1948 was the last time the Olympics were held in the UK which make this year’s games something really special, and we want to be part of that by cheering on the athletes in Lily Lolo style.

So, I started thinking about how we could become part of the winning community feel of the Olympics and produce something that’s also on trend.

I held a concept meeting to gather our team’s thoughts on what they would like to see as a commemorative product to mark the occasion. We quickly decided that it had to be a feminine twist to the usual sporty theme of the Olympics.

A soft, pretty gift box showing a view of the London skyline – an image that will be cast across the world this coming summer – was the favourite concept to be developed. And, as metallic is a key trend this season, we thought what better way to go than filling the gift box with our own collection of mineral eye shadow colours.

The colours were an easy choice as the current range already holds the winning combination. Our stunning Bronze Sparkle, Silver Dollar and Gold Digger mineral eye shadows make the perfect collection. Plus, we’ve brought back Silver Dollar by popular demand and for a limited time only during the Olympics.

To complete our limited edition collection, we needed a memorable and catchy name. We chose ‘If Eye Were A Winner’ as it seems to fit perfectly. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Finally, I love hearing what you think, so feel free to leave your comments or suggestions about our products below, or send me an email: [email protected]

Emma Cleary x







Spring and summer beauty

April 20th, 2012

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to refresh your make up bag to take you on trend with the latest catwalk looks.

The spring/summer 2012 catwalks provided a variety of looks from true minimalism to bold metallic eyes. Diane Kendal at Proenza Schouler gave the ultimate minimalist look by using only concealer, powder and blush for the face, and a nude slick on the lips. This look continued across the catwalk in shows from Missoni, Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Chloe.

Our brand new shades of Beach Babe and Sand Dune are perfect for creating your own minimalist look of barely there make up, while appearing effortlessly beautiful.

Gentle smoky eyes were key for Pat McGrath at Lanvin, with a pretty taupe and brown shimmer twist on the traditional grey and black smoky eye look. Create your own version with Miami Taupe and our new Black Sand eye shadow. Why not take the look from day to night by adding the rich chocolatey shimmer of Moonlight.

Dare to bare? Christopher Kane, Missoni and Thakoon all opted for a mascara free, simple look for their catwalk shows. Create your own fresh faced look with just foundation, clear gloss and a flush of our cool, pink Surfer Girl blush.

Metallic eyes were also all over the catwalks, which saw Fendi apply gold or silver leaf to the entire lid and brow. With a variety of our mineral eye shadows such as Gunmetal, Gold Digger and Golden Lilac to choose from, there’s bound to be a metallic look for you!

Whichever catwalk look inspires you this season, we’re here to help you create your effortless summer beauty…naturally.

Lily Lolo x

Our favourite Easter Bunny…

April 5th, 2012

Well, Easter’s nearly here and how time flies. We’ve been chatting about what lovely things remind us of this springtime celebration. Chocolate, Daffodils, repeats of old film classics, relaxing, visiting family, or just getting away from it all. But there’s one thing that we all agree on…we love the Easter Bunny!

And this Easter, we want to celebrate with our very own favourite bunny.

We’re proud to have been BUAV approved since August 2009, so we’d like to share our passion for the leaping bunny this Easter.

As you know, none of our products are tested on animals and never have been. Our BUAV approval means that not only are the products you buy from us natural, they also haven’t been tested on animals at any point throughout the supply chain.

It’s our pleasure to give Lily Lolo devotees the assurance that they can look amazing with cruelty free confidence.

So this Easter, sit back, relax and remember, we want you to look and feel fabulous wearing our mineral makeup…oh…and if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure – don’t forget the chocolate eggs!

Have a wonderful Easter from all at Lily Lolo x

SPF15 Mineral Foundation

January 27th, 2012

NEWSFLASH! We’re so excited here at LL HQ, our mineral foundations are back from SPF testing and have been rated SPF15. Now you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re helping to protect your skin whilst wearing our gorgeous foundation.

As many of you will be aware, not only is mineral make-up kind to skin and free from harsh ingredients it contains Titanium Dioxide which has natural sunscreen properties. The sunshine might not want to come out just yet but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be protecting our beautiful skin from the harmful UV rays!

Whilst it’s essential to wear a good quality sunscreen all year round, why not help protect your skin even further with the added benefits of looking flawless in Lily Lolo mineral foundation SPF15!

Roll with It!

January 20th, 2012

7 Piece Luxury Brush Roll

We all know that achieving the best results in your makeup begins with using the right tools. With our 7 Piece Luxury Brush Collection you can do just that! Covering your essential brush needs you can create the perfect look whatever the occasion.

This vegan friendly collection is enveloped in a luxury faux leather roll case for the ultimate pampering experience in makeup  application, whilst keeping makeup brushes clean, safe and perfect for travelling.

Indulge with your make-up!

December 21st, 2011

The festive season is upon us and is the perfect time of year to indulge with your make-up! Rich, luxurious favourites such as Smoky Brown and Choc Fudge Cake Mineral Eye Shadow add depth and definition to winter eyes and adding a slick n’ a flick of Moonlight as an eyeliner with our Eye Definer Brush will really make the eye’s pop with feline glamour!

We all want to look healthy don’t we? A sweep of colour across the cheeks adds instant warmth to your face, try Rosy Apple and Rosebud for true indulgence whilst Candy Girl Mineral Blush will give you fresh faced rosy cheeks replicating a wintry outdoor walk.

Set your mineral foundation with our Flawless Silk or Translucent Silk finishing powder, a light dusting is all you need to leave a natural glow, your skin will look like it’s been kissed with softness!

Why not finish off your festive feeling with a coating of Bitten Pink Lip Gloss, this rich, ruby, pink gloss with irresistible chocolaty flavour keeps lips moisturised and nourished, keeping them kiss-ably soft for under the mistletoe!

For an all over festive glow that keeps skin soft at the same time, why not mix a little of your Star Dust powder in with your favourite body lotion and apply as usual? Paying particular attention to the decolletage, shoulders and legs will leave a subtle sheen to really show off your glow this party season!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry festive season and thank you for your continued custom and feedback over 2011! Our offices are closed from 5.00pm on Friday 21.12.11 but we’ll be back bright and early on Tuesday 3rd January to answer your questions and begin dispatching your latest orders.

Wishing you a fabulous 2012! Lily Lolo x

How to apply mineral foundation

March 17th, 2011

Mineral foundation Step 1: Moisturise. Ensure skin is clean and well prepped with a generous application of moisturiser. Well prepared and cared for skin will ensure the utmost staying power from your mineral foundation.

Step 2: Wait! – Wait until your moisturiser has been fully absorbed before application to ensure you don’t end up with patches or an uneven finish where the loose foundation has clung to the moisture. If you have an oily complexion, you might find a light layer of Flawless Matte finishing powder applied onto the dry skin before foundation will keep your foundation in place for longer.

Step 3: Disperse some foundation. Use the lid of the jar to collect some loose powder as you tap the base of the mineral foundation jar. Only collect a little at a time – you don’t need to overload your brush, as this could result in a cakey looking complexion.

Step 4: Choose your brush. For the best results we recommend using the Kabuki brush (£14.49 lilylolo.co.uk). Swirl the brush around the lid of the jar (holding the mineral foundation) allowing the brush to collect the delicate mineral powder. If the brush looks over-loaded give it a tap to knock off the excess. For a heavier coverage we recommend applying with a flocked sponge.

Step 5: Buff away! Using circular motions, start from the centre of your face, and work outwards, covering in light even layers as you go. Mineral foundation is buildable so you can repeat the process as many times as you like until you reach your desired level of coverage. Be gentle but firm, and reload the brush after several swirls to ensure an even and flawless finish.

mineral foundation Step 6: Once completed you’re ready to apply the rest of your makeup. Mineral foundation will warm with the surface of the skin and relax to a flawless base. If you find you have any loose powder left sitting on the surface, a clean flocked sponge (£3.99 lilylolo.co.uk) is a great tool for removing the excess. Simply lightly sweep over the face and it will collect any surplus powder.

Mother’s Day Gifts

March 15th, 2011

Give the gift of flawless skin

Mineral makeup starter kit With Mother’s Day in the UK just around the corner, and assuming you’re like the girls in the Lily Lolo office, thoughts will be turning towards finding the perfect gift. Say it with flowers, say it with chocolates, or be a little different and say it with a little gift of mineral makeup – it’ll make saying thank you very special this year!

Our mums often ask us for advice – don’t yours? Introduce them to the world of mineral makeup – it will make such a difference to the condition of her skin and change her whole makeup routine.

For the savvy, younger generation, it’s easier to be clued up on the chemical nasties to avoid, and the importance of avoiding parabens. Sometimes the older generation just don’t understand all this modern language and technology.

Is your mum still using the same products she was 20 years ago? Makeup has come so far since then, and there’s just no reason to be afraid to make some changes!

We’ve recently introduced a new mineral makeup samples starter kit, which includes three miniature sized Lily Lolo mineral foundations (0.75g), a miniature Flawless Silk finishing powder (0.5g) and a Baby Buki brush (the perfect miniature version of the full sized Kabuki).

It really makes the perfect makeup gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. Go on; give the gift of flawless skin this year.