How to cover problem blemishes with mineral concealer

March 29, 2010

how to cover blemishes with mineral concealer  

Mineral concealer is a great choice for covering blemishes. Many people find that minerals help with problem skin, as they have antibacterial and properties in the form of zinc oxide.

The best way to apply mineral concealer is to use a concealer brush (we have a good synthetic one here for only £5). Use a brush that is silky soft and will not add to any irritation. Try not to use your fingers on spots or blemishes, you’ll only transfer the oil and dirt from your hands onto your face, and probably make the problem a whole lot worse.

Concealer can be applied either before or after your mineral foundation. Colour correctors are generally applied before, but with the skin toned concealers it’s really personal preference. Some people find it best to apply after the foundation so that they can see exactly how much product is needed, but as we say, there’s no right or wrong way.

For heavier coverage you can apply the mineral concealer in layers, building coverage in a few light applications. Work the powder into the skin, or problem area in circular motions.

Another good way to get heavy coverage is to use a flocked sponge (available here for only £4). The sponge picks up much more product than the brush, so with each sweep you’ll be applying more product. Remember, if you can always check your coverage in natural lighting.

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