How to conceal tired eyes

December 10, 2010

Conceal-tired-eyesAh winter, don’t we just love you! Dark mornings and dark nights combined with a day at work and a few too many during the party season can result in terribly tired eyes.

If you’re struggling to conceal puffy eyes or dark circles try following these simple steps.

Before you reach for the concealer, try some of these simple tricks to reduce any puffyness – the old wives’ tale of cucumber slices really does work by naturally cooling and soothing.

Cold wet teabags – these are great for minimising puffiness as caffeine is dehydrating so helps dispel excess water in the tissue under the eyes. Plus, tea is an antioxidant so is great for your skin.

(Herbal tea bags are no good unless you drink chamomile, which is a natural anti-inflammatory so will help reduce any puffiness.)


Lily Lolo’s mineral concealer in Peepo is a yellow based concealer which is ideal for concealing dark under-eye circles.

Prominently, the undertones of eye bags are purple; these can look grey-y blue through the skin tone. Don’t be afraid of the vibrancy of Peepo, it easily blends into your skin tone.

For those who are really pale, try using mineral eyeshadow Cream Soda, as a concealer. It’s a slightly paler yellow which is excellent on very pale skin tones.

Yellow is the perfect colour to harmonise your under eye circles – it’s a simple colour science. Just take yourself back to the school days and picture the colour wheel. Yellow sits opposite purple and the two shades counteract each other. That’s why if you put them alongside each other you’ll see a huge clash!

Apply your Peepo or Cream Soda with a concealer brush, and buff into the skin in small circular motions.

Blend your mineral foundation over your face and the concealer, in light yet firm circular motions.

And now you will see a vast improvement in any dark circles and puffy eye-bags!

3 Responses to “How to conceal tired eyes”

  1. Jess Says:

    Thanks for the tip about Cream Soda for us with a pale complexion. I already have a jar of Peepo that I find a bit too yellow but still would like to use. Would it be a good idea to mix it with a bit of Porcelain to create a shade slightly less yellow or should I rather choose to mix it with something else?

  2. Lily Lolo Says:

    Hi Jess – try the Porcelain and let us know how you get on! LL x

  3. indiebird Says:

    Thanks for this. Based on this I’ve ordered a trial of Peepo to see how I get on. I am pale but not quite pale enough for the Porcelain foundation so I’m hoping Peepo will work with Blondie foundation.

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