Hydrating makeup for a fresh winter glow

Hydrating makeup for a fresh winter glow

Jan 23, 2023

Winter has certainly made a grand entrance, so it’s time to call upon hydrating makeup that goes the extra mile and keeps your complexion looking healthy and radiant – even in the coldest climates.

“This winter has been particularly tough on skin,” says Lily Lolo founder Vikki Khan. “Hydration, inside and out, is so important in extremely cold and dry weather, so I’ve switched to a combo of our BB Cream, Cream Foundation and Concealer, and am wearing our hydrating lipstick in Au Naturel – it’s a great nude that’s really versatile and you can glide on anywhere like you would a lip balm. And I’m also trying to boost hydration from the inside out by drinking lots and lots of hot ginger tea!”

When it’s hitting the minuses outside, makeup needs to work harder to protect the skin, and even the finest powder products can accentuate a dehydrated complexion. Vikki’s top tip is embracing liquid formulas and creamier products that can offer additional moisturising benefits, are easy to blend and will help to minimise the appearance of dry skin while drenching it in vital hydration and protecting it from becoming even drier.

“Our hydrating BB Cream is a real skin-saver in winter, especially around Christmastime when you’re also a bit stressed, busy and indulging in food and drink that depletes the skin even more. The formula contains sodium hyaluronate, which attracts moisture towards the skin, helping to replenish moisture and repair skin’s barrier. It also doesn’t contain silicones, which means that it won’t clog pores and you can easily apply and blend cream products on top of it, like our Cream Concealer, which offers great coverage on blemishes, dark circles, redness and discolouration.”

Looking for hydrating colour? Lily Lolo’s Lip & Cheek Cream is the perfect winter blush and lip colour in one. We love the pretty, floral-inspired shades and hydrating formula, which is made with a mix of natural botanical oils that offer lightweight yet highly effective hydration for the skin, while the clean, intense pigments mean that it’s really long-lasting, too.

Lips are the first place to show signs of dehydration during cold weather, so a lipstick that offers more than colour is an absolute essential. “Once your lips have become very dry, it can be tricky to treat without a thick and greasy balm, so always protect the lips before you think you need to, at home and outdoors,” advises Vikki. “Our Vegan Lipstick is great for keeping lips nourished, as it’s infused with skincare ingredients such as argan oil, which feels really luxurious and nourishes lips so well in dry weather, and jojoba seed oil that hydrates, soothes and locks in moisture to help prevent cracked and chapped lips.”