Classic Red Lip


Create this gorgeous glamorous look using pressed eye shadow In for a Penny across the lid and into the socket, blending the edges well. Next apply Buttered Up across the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye to brighten and lift the whole eye area. Softly sweep I Should Cocoa along the lower lash line for definition. Then mix a small amount of Witchypoo with Makeup Mist and apply as liquid eyeliner using the smudge end of the Eyeliner/Smudge Brush to the upper lash line, creating a gentle eat eye flick. Apply two coats of Black Mascara, applying the second coat before the first one dries.


Apply Honolulu pressed bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks with a Tapered Contour Brush to define the face, finish with Rosé Illuminator
on the top of the cheekbones. A Fan Brush is perfect for getting just the right amount.


Line the lips with Ruby Red lip liner and then use it to fill in the outline for extra lipstick staying power. Top with a slick of Desire
lipstick to finish the look.

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