Dreamy Spring


To create this pretty Spring look start by applying Bronze Sparkle mineral eyeshadow to the inner to mid eyelid for a gorgeous easy-to-wear metallic shimmer.  Apply Beach Babe blush to the socket line and outer corner and blend well.  Sweep I Should Cocoa under the lower lash line and add some Brown Eye Pencil to the upper lash line for definition.  Finish with two coats of Natural Mascara, applying the second coat before the first has dried. 


Sweep Honolulu bronzer under cheekbones for a subtle contour and finish with Beach Babe Mineral blush on the apples of the cheeks for a fresh & pretty look.


Apply Coral Crush lipstick and gently smudge to create a soft coral shade perfect for Spring.


FACE: Manon wears Linen Cream Foundation, Voile Cream Concealer and Translucent Silk

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