Rosy Glow


Take the Eye Primer and using your finger  apply across the eyelid to increase the intensity of the shades. Next, take Surfer Girl Mineral Blush and apply with an Eye Shadow brush across the whole lid. Sticking with blush, apply Rosy Apple to the centre of the eyelid for a pop of highlight. With the Smudge Brush apply Witchypoo along the upper lash line to the roots of the lashes. Finish off with two coats of Big Lash Mascara. 


To create a gorgeous rosy glow, take Flushed Mineral Blush, and apply to the apples of the cheeks, blending up into the cheekbones.  Then with the Fan Brush,  sweep Rose Illuminator across the cheekbones..


Carefully line the lips with True Pink Lip Pencil, you can smudge the line with your finger if you prefer a softer look.  Then take Birthday Suit Vegan Lipstick and apply generously, taking care to blot between coats for adding longevity.

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