This look is designed to dazzle during party season. Taking our Opulence Eye Palette , apply Grandeur across your lids, into the inner corner and underneath your lower lash line, blend out using the Eye Blending Brush. Work Timeless into the ball of the eye and under the water line. Apply Antique to the outer corners and blend into soft wings. Finish the eye look with two coats of Big Lash Mascara.
Take Rosy Apple Mineral Blush and apply to the apples of the cheeks and along the cheekbones for a fresh take on contour. Using our Small Fan Brush use the white-gold shade from our Illuminator Duo and apply to the tops of the cheekbones and tip of the nose. 
Using our Lip Brush carefully apply Undressed Vegan Lipstick starting at the centre and following the shape of the lip for precision application. Blot lips before applying a second layer of lipstick for added longevity.
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