Golden Hour


This striking Summer look was created using the brighter shades in our Golden Hour palette.  Start by applying Copper to the eyelid, taking it right up into the socket line and blending away.  Then apply Ruby to the out corner and blend well into the Copper shade, sweeping gently under the lower lash line.  To achieve that pretty summery vibe you can forgo eye pencil and finish with two coats of Big Lash Mascara, applying the second coat before the first on has dried. 


Apply Surfer Girl with a light touch to the apples of the cheeks, gently blending up and out, for a pretty, natural, pink cheek.


Use True Pink lip pencil to gently line the lips, a whisper of a line is all that’s needed, then softly smudge with a lip brush or your finger.  Gently dab Mi Amor onto lips, this is a strong lip colour, but is applied to gorgeous effect here by smudging and blending to give a much softer look.


FACE: Manon wears Warm Peach Mineral Foundation

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